A patient-centric disease management solution designed to support goals of high burden disease elimination programs in resource limited settings


The iThemba Life solution leverages the increasing availability and use of mobile technology to supplement the existing healthcare infrastructure in resource limited settings by simplifying manual and complex logistics currently used for result delivery to facilitate timely clinical decision making. It is available to Ministries of Health or other healthcare organizations who are willing to partner to implement the solution on a regional or country-by-country basis.

The iThemba Life solution currently supports HIV elimination programs and emergency responses to COVID-19 in infrastructure limited settings. iThemba Life solution will soon be available for other key disease elimination programs such as cervical cancer, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

iThemba Life - for Patients

For Individuals


Take an active role in your health and receive personal laboratory results right to your smartphone.

iThemba Life - for Clinics & Labs

For Clinics & Labs


Expedite result return to individuals and reduce administrative burden and clinic congestion to bring better care.

iThemba Life - for Healthcare Systems

For Healthcare Systems


Track quality-of-care standards for clinics and use aggregated dashboards to more easily identify gaps in care or policy.

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